Essential PMI

This mornig I was surfing searching for a good free software for managing my activities. I already use todolist for managing my urgent private math lesson, my tutorials and obviously my software projects.

So I finally found essentialpmi that can run on a usb flash ram (it is only 1.5 mb once the zip in decompressed 3.14 mb). It is distributed on a pro and free version. The interfacer is very clean and it’s possible to importfrom outlook the contact and calendar. The most beautifull functionality is the export one. It permits to export the sessions on variuos formats like

  1. ICal
  2. outlook
  3. html
  4. rtf

A good software.



2 Responses to Essential PMI

  1. “Essential PMI thoughts of a cold mind” certainly
    got me personally hooked with ur web site! I actuallywill wind up being back again a whole lot more regularly.
    Thank you -Willa

  2. says:

    Your blog, “Essential PMI | thoughts of a cold mind” learn–spanish was in fact well worth writing a comment on!
    Only wanted to point out you truly did a very good job.
    Many thanks -Claudette

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