Dataming and wikipedia

in this link you can find the top 100 most viewed article in Wikipedia.

Now I’m not so expert in data minig but what information can whe grasp for this list?

The first place (not strange) is the first position.  The second about the tragedy (with some dark side also for Patricia’s parent [what mother is one that starts is daughter to beuty contest at six?).


The most surprising in my opinion are the following ones:

Irukandji jellyfish (6) there are really so many people interested in a jellyfish?

List of big-bust models and performers (14), ok there are some numbers that qualify a big bust I didn’t know.

Morocco : not a so interesting place isn’t it?

List of female porn stars (19) so down in the category, If we think that there are so many without -pussy men out there?

List of sex positions (24) ok there are also many probably married people who are searching for some spice in their beds.

Many wrestlers like John Cena Jeff Hardy ok also the boys search in wikipedia.

Wonder Woman (31) ? unbeliaveable…

Grigori Perelman (33) ok the Perelman affair is going out from the mathematician circle.

Cytherea (erotic actress) (39) The most interesting new pornostar starlet of the last five year her female ejaculations still rocks (even if I belive she can’t have so many orgasm doing that kind of job)

Jessica Dee (48) who is one of the pornostars that have conctract HIV by making a porn. In fact the other one pornostar in the list. The most unfortuned is probably Lara Roxxx who conctraced HIV by making her first double anal penetration scene (Is there out of there women’s that make DOUBLE ANAL SCENES?).

C programming language (58) in the last years C has not been affected by the explosions of different programming language. This ranking is due to the still practice at the university to start programming with C.

Beverly Hills, 90210 (66): Brandon Brenda and the other stupid protagonist will smile to this…

List of The Simpsons episodes (78):  ok so down why? In USA isnt’ rocking after 16 year of episodes?

Bisexual chic (100) ok this is a new trend???






One Response to Dataming and wikipedia

  1. An erotic actress with a knowledge of ancient greek poems, how nice!

    Anyway, the jellyfish was featured as picture of the day some time ago. That might explain the interest.

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