beauty and the geek

Thursday evening, I was sitting in front of my tv looking at the Italian version of the format the beauty and the geek. I found it very interesting, my secret hope is that Monti (see fig 1)


(that for his own admission haven’t had sex for his entire life), will fuck at the great his beauty (see fig 2)

fig 2.


As a sort of revenge for all the world geeks that are smarter that the football player but never can hope to fuck the cheerleeder’s.

But as usual, math obfuscate my mind. The following problem arise when the beauties choose the geeks. One geek enter, he introduces himself to the beauties, and the beauties have to choose which of them have to make couple with him. So if you are a beauty your utility is to maximize your choose, with a limited information (you don’t know if the following geek is better than your’s). So the question is what is the best move that maximize your utility. Restodelmondo!!! It’s your field, maybe we can write a funny paper on it?



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