a step closer to real free knowledge

Today the italian newspaper “il corriere” has pointed out a that Berkley university has put many podcast of its teacher lesson on youtube.
So the contenct are fully indexed by google.And obviuosly can be download and watched offline. I’ve watched some interesting lessons in relativity, but I belive that the biomechanical engineering is much more interesting. Nothing new under the same sun, 3000 years ago the Alexandria Library (the biggest library of ancient times) used the same model to share information.The new thing is that a person needs only a adsl connection and also people that can’t access big instituions as Berkley can share the same information. So I’m thinking at all those people in Africa, Asia, South America that still haven’t access to university lesson now can learn about differents arguments. Thanks to Berkley I hope also MIT and Princeton will follow the same footprints.

The link http://video.google.com/ucberkeley.html



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