the backreation game

ok the bad guy Dorigo (  has invite me to the backreation game, the rules are simple:


  1. choose the neareast book you have now
  2. go to page 123 the fifth sentence
  3. from this point write the three sentences on you blog
  4. tag three people to do the same

My book is “Professional ASP.NET 2.0”  the three sentences are


Begin examining the callback feature by looking at how a simple ASP.NET page uses it. For this exam-ple,

you have only an HTML button control and a TextBox server control (the Web server control ver-sion).

The idea is that when the end user clicks the button on the form, the callback service is initiated

and a random number is populated into the text box. Listing 4-14 shows an example of this in action. “


ok I realize I’m totally offf the reality if my nearest book is something like this…

Ok I need holiday and relax.

my three tag are restodelmondo ( dr.psycho ( and montag (




2 Responses to the backreation game

  1. dorigo says:

    Aha, so you found out… I was about to let you know by email.

    Cheers, and happy holidays.

  2. zerocold says:

    Thanks Dorigo
    happy holiday to you and you family have a nice time..


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