My father is an alcoholic. He always drunk too much wine, since i was a kid. But after his retirement he started drinking 3-3/5 liters of
red wine per day and some “grappa”. The fact that we have a wine cave at home and a vine hadn’t help. I get angry so many times, and me ,my brother and my mom tried many times to convince him changing this life style. It was like giving order to a wall. Finally in december the 26 he got a “delirium tremens” crisis, we took him to the hospital. His trip started the
26 and ended the 4th of january, when he finally wake up. Now his at home he’s very weak, but seems to start realize that he must follow the AA to get het for his dependency. I hope that the old bastard at the age of 64 could have the force to change, but my rational part tell me that i it happens it would be like a miracle.

As an optional gift the doctors tell me that me and my brother are genetically predisposed to substances dependency. So it would be also for me a good idea to stop drinking and smoking. So I stop smoking one week ago , but the psicological pulse still remains the same. Any help would be appreciated.



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  1. dorigo says:

    Hi Piero,

    I know a little bit about it, for a relative of mine has the same pathology. Yes, AA is the only solution, but unless your father is convinced that he wants to quit, there is little he can do… Getting him to follow the meetings will do him good anyways.

    About you… Quitting smoking is a good idea, but I would not be too scared about the alcohol. As long as you know you can stop before getting drunk, that is enough.


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