Decline of western culture

Yesterday evening I went to the cineam with my friends Giorgio. I saw a beautifull indian film  “Uttara”. The plot was about two friends that worked at the end of an highway in the middle of nothing. In the night they sitted near the railroads and talked together. An one said something like “It’s beautifull to stay here with you before meeting you I worked in another place where I was alone and the evening I talked to the railroads that replied to me that they where sad beacause they where next one to the other from many years but they never met “. After the film we went to eat something in a bar. Next to us two girls where sited one saied to the other ” Do you now what says Cesare Cremonini’s  left leg to the right one? There’s something big between us… ” (for the o italian “there’s something big between us” is a verse of Lunapop’s most famous song).There I’ve realized the difference between east and west.

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