Legends that become true

I read about a fish in Amazonias that enter the human penis attracted by the urine, and go to the uretra and in two days you’re dead, or the other solution is castration. I’ve read about it on this book




but I thought it was only some kind of “urban legend” today my rss feed tell me that is true and another Italian is survived to an attach of this fish






One Response to Legends that become true

  1. dorigo says:

    … did his penis survive too ? Or is it resting in peace in a can of alcohol ?

    Anyway I am not grateful for this post. I am contemplating a trip to a nice lagoon near Cancun, and being paranoid about mosquitos (for malaria and dengue) it took me a while to decide I’d try bathing there. Now there you are, talking about small fishes and big trouble… Darn!


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