Italian school going schizofrenic

There’s no peace for the italian public school. Yesterday, the biggest italian portal libero has put on-line
a video (visible also from youtube) of three student of the middle class that, while the math teacher was
teaching sit down his chair, from behind they touched her back and her perizoma, till one of them had put his hand inside the woman’s pants . And the only reaction of a teacher was to grab out the student hand from her ass. All these sequence was filmed with a mob phone and putted into internet.

The teacher defended herself saying that she didn’t realize what was going on. Now I would like to know if there is in the entire world a no-tetraplegic woman that can’t feel when a boy put his hand and touch her back…

The main problem with this incident is that the teacher haven’t been suspended because of this. She is a “supplente” so in this scolastic year she has changed the school. I think that in this situation in countries like UK or Germany this teacher would have been fired. Now she is (with her problems, beacuse a woman that let boys touched herselfs in a so intimate way have obviuosly some psicological problems ) teaching in another school probably with guys of the same age… And finallly after years of idolatry someone start asked himself in what hand he put his sons/daugthers when he send them to school. Having a deegre in math, doesn’t give you any kind of experience in teaching.

Update: the movie has been removed from youtube and libero but some images of the “mano morta” are visibles.




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