How difficult is doing business in Italy

May 31, 2007

This great mashup gives a person the idea of how difficult is doing business in countries. Italy is considered

a  country where doing business is moderate difficult. The data are scaring. In only one year, Italy has lost globally 13 position in this special ranking. But the thing to notice is that Italy has lost 24 position (from 65 to 41) on the way to get credit. So the Italy bank system has decided to make more difficult for a young person to get credit for building some society and so on.

So only people as Financial generals or CEO of big entrerprises have access to credit in  fact people who normally don’t really need credit for thery business.


only for notice Georgia (yeah the ex sovietic republic) has the best grew ranking.




Another filed medal blog

May 25, 2007

 Richard Borcherds has a blog


ok great math out of the ivory tower


great film all visible from internet

May 24, 2007


only for italians

May 23, 2007


the italian sexy teacher

May 22, 2007

in one of my previous posts 

I posted about an Italian teacher who let her students touched her on the back. After the scandal the theacher has been moved to another school and this mornig there’s another video about her.

You can see that probably she likes  been touched by young boy, this time she has been suspended waiting for the italian justice to take course.  Bu she’s now following the course of siss for sostegno to students with handicap……





nice statistic lesson

May 19, 2007

better than the italian lesson


follow your clients

May 11, 2007

a web resource for startuppers .