Google phishing?

Today I’ve recived this mail

Caro cliente GMail ,

Siamo felice per annunciare che siete il vincitore della Google Lava Lamp prodotto . Per più informazioni la preghiamo di andare a :

Google Lava Lamp Concorso

unfortunatly the link goes to this


which is registered with this information

% This is the NASK WHOIS Server.
% This server provides information only for PL domains.
% For more info please see

registrant’s handle: dmrx010000083452 (CORPORATE)
created:        2001.10.11
last modified:  2006.10.14

option: the domain name has not option

company:  Attu Net s.c. B. Gocek-Rudzki, W.Kempinski
street:   ul. Galczynskiego 18/29
city:     80-524 Gdansk
location: PL
handle: dmrx010000083452
phone:  +48.508353474
fax:  +48.508353474
last modified: 2006.10.09

REGISTRAR: DomainMaker
ul. Kosciuszki 27
85-079 Bydgoszcz

so keep your eyes wide open.



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