monday software

July 30, 2007

ok, from ictblog I link a new software. Whit this program you could transform you skype call in mp3 files. So you could create another barcaro experience



6 pownce invites…

July 29, 2007

If someone would like to try the new pownce service I’ve got 6 invites…


real random generat

July 20, 2007

this croatian site gave you some utilities to get real random numbers, by using some quantistic effects. The interesting thing is that in their registration form the captcha is about solving an integral.

Yes you’ve corrected understand, you can registrer by entering an answer regarding some calculus elementary problem. After all another time the ex-yugoslavian countries give to Italy a new lesson about digital and school divide.


New monday’s Lost time game

July 16, 2007


face recognition software for your pc

July 14, 2007

it’s not a joke. If you have a web-cam you can use this free software that use a face recognition algorithm to unlock you computer.

It’s still in beta but I haven’t found any bug.

A good a and cheapest alternative to thumb hardware recognition system.




July 13, 2007

There’s an interesting series of animation on youtube concerning geometry and surface (some of them very strange.


New great mp3 search engine

July 10, 2007