Mathematic olympiad

ok as every year. This year in Slovenia, the problem set are here and here. By the way the the results are here.

Congratulations go to

  • Maria Colombo (gold medal)
  • Simone Di Marino (gold medal)
  • Francesco Cavazzani (silver medal)
  • Valerio Melani (silver medal)

If we take a look at the results by country whe see that

  1. China
  2. Russia
  3. Korea


still rock as mathematical country. Italy is 12 (better than last year) .

ok today I’m not so  work motivated so I’ll take a look at the tests.



One Response to Mathematic olympiad

  1. prosaica says:

    Is Maria Colombo the highest scoring female of the olympiad? Seems Italy is confirming its traditional role as provider of cool women mathematicians…

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